Digitization Projects
  • Ongoing projects

    Over 50% of the visually impaired population in India is youngsters. 95% of them have very little access to textbooks in Braille format. Braille books are expensive to produce, take up a lot of room and hence every class has just one or two copies of the Braille books. What these students are allowed to take are just the notes they take while the teacher lectures to them. This results in very poor student performance, lack of interest in education, lack of employment and poverty. Access Braille has stepped in to mitigate this situation by working very closely with Bookshare, an online digital library, to digitize relevant books and provide them in an accessible format. Following are a sample of the genre of books we have been digitizing

    1.Textbooks for school children
    2.Textbooks for university students
    3.Competitive exam book
    4.Recreational reading
    5.Spiritual books

    Upcoming projects

    Access Braille is working very closely with the Daisy Forum of India to digitize magazines and periodicals and provide them in a timely manner to people with visual impairments. There is a lot of interest among the community that Access Braille serves to read magazines such as Readers Digest, National Geographic etc. Our goal is make 5 publications in 3 languages available in accessible format by the end of 2016.

    Text to Speech project

    Once provided in digital format these books are read out aloud by text to speech (TTS) software. While there are several available in English and other western languages there are very few good text to speech software available for Indian languages. Access Braille is partnering with Hear2read, a non profit organization dedicated to bringing good quality TTS in Indian languages.