Braille Kits
  • As and when requested by special needs schools and rehabilitation organizations Braille kits are distributed to students. The request typically comes from one of our partners or other organizations working in the field of visual disability, and we offer funds and have our on-ground partners deliver them.

    So far, Access Braille has distributed kits to approximately 300 schools across India. Each school receives anywhere between 25 to 50 Braille kits, depending on the number of visually impaired children enrolled. Everyone in need of a kit in these schools gets one without exception. Every kit comes with self-explanatory instructions, so that a teacher/ literate parent can impart Braille literacy to the students/children. A teacher does not have to be Braille-literate to teach, if s/he is sighted.

Braille Magazine
  • Reading Finger Braille Magazine. Created by children in the United States for their peers in the developing nations, Reading finger magazine provides current events, technology news and other articles of interest to children 5-18 years old. This magazine is also available in e-book format upon request.